We, Mamoru, Kuniko and I, have been in a deepest sorrow since we learned that Robin passed away.
You were not only a great English teacher for my aunt Kuniko, but also still is an irreplaceable friend for all of us.
I only had a few days to spend with you when I visited Kuniko. Although it was 18 years ago, I still remember what we talked. It was very special for me to get to know you when I was a student.
To Kuniko, you are more than special. My English is not good enough to express her deepest respect and gratitude for you. I believe her gratitude and love have already reached to you.
We miss you, Robin. You will always be in our heart.
Mamoru, Kuniko, Yuko
June 21, 2012
June 20, 2012
I learn with a lot of sadness the death of Robin.. As a French student I studied in 1998 at the University of Cincinnati and get acquainted of Kate there with whom I am still in contact.. I had spent an excellent afternoon at Robin with the other French students. We had drunk some champagne and eaten some real cheese! A very strong memory. I had seen again her in Switzerland on the occasion of the marriage of Kate and Rolf.
Even if we had not made for a long time, I remember email exchanged in which we enjoied correcting grammatical mistakes in French and English of the other one. A modern way of progressing in foreign language and of staying in contact!
I adress my condolences to her family and Kate in particular.
Best Regards, Grégory (Ile de la Réunion)
— gregory glavier
June 17, 2012

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