It is with the deepest regrets that I write this comment for Robin.... Having grown up with her and her entire family I remember her as a gifted, creative and multi-talented free spirit with an energetic force that was contagious. When you were with her there was no doubting her intensity and enthusiasm for every project, event or activity which she encountered. Her greatest gift was undoubtedly her ability to teach at every level from pre-school to corporate CEO's which she did with unabashed love and passion. Her memory will always be one of boundless energy. Debby joins me in extending our sincere sympathy to all her family and friends.
Bob Goldenberg
— Bob Goldenberg
August 18, 2012
I am so sad to hear of Robin's death.. I just want the family to know, and especially her daughter whose name escapes me, that Robin was such a bright light in my high school life.
I first met her in French class at YSHS in 1991 and continued studying with her until 1995. In the midst of that time period, she started her own school and really inspired me with her energy, vision, independence and passion for learning.

She was tirelessly supportive, creative and enthusiastic.

I didn't see her for many years and then I ran into her one day and invited her to my wedding. She showed up and it was great to share that moment with her.

My heart goes out to the family - please know that she touched so many people, inspired them to learn and speak with people they couldn't have imagined speaking with before meeting her. She brought people together and encouraged people to learn in ways that felt more natural, fun and productive.

Her memories live on as wel
— Mansir Petrie
July 30, 2012

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