You also visited me with Jay and Kate in Fribourg (Switzerland) to show me on a floppy disk the work you had done.
We did funny things with the kids: we went to a farm to see Tulipe, the cow that had been selected to go to the Salon de l’Agriculture in Paris, went to the mountains in Valais where Colette and Felix invited us to eat raclette. The cheese was melted in front of a fire.
And life went on and we lost track of each other. I carried on with my interest in languages and worked using psychodramaturgy for language acquisition. I wish I could have shared that with you.
You’re not dead Robin as long as people remember you. You’ve influenced my life and choices. I can only say thank you Robin for what you gave me.
— Martine Silvestre
January 26, 2015
I remember you Robin with caring thoughts.

I met you in Paris a few days before New Year’s Day and that was about 40 years ago! You’d come to interview French natives for your immersion program in Dayton. I met you at the Normandy Hotel not far from the Opera. I expected to meet a middle-aged woman and a young woman with a large smile appeared at the reception. My father had given me so many recommendations: he’d told me to wear an elegant dress (not my jeans and clogs), he’d given me a list of posh restaurants we could go to and had insisted that I should pay for the taxi and the meal. And you were wearing jeans and told me you’d spotted a small crêperie not far from the hotel. All my plans collapsed! We talked and talked about everything and laughed so much. And I was selected to go to the States.
The immersion week was brilliant. At that time you were starting some work with the computer trying to work out a method based on shapes and colours.
You also vis
— Martine Silvestre
January 26, 2015

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