Oh my, sometimes you stumble over things unexpectedly and it keeps you in shock.. I am speechless to learn that Robin passed away. and I feel with her family. Kate and Jay - who I had the honor to babysit in 1981.
I can say that Robin was a tremendous support to me when I attended MVS in Dayton in 1980. Her loving care, her smile, her continuous dedication to help this German boy succeed, integrate and stand up strong against all odds still is engraved in my mind - and there it will stay forever!
To find out she has left 2012 saddens me deeply and stirs up all the old memories. I am sending my sympathies to her children and family and will - better late than never - share a prayer for her today.
Good bye, Robin, it was a true honor to have met you. Some people simply live on in people's hearts forever..
Thomas Brian Gillner - Germany-
— Thomas Gillner
January 8, 2016
I was very sorry to read of Robin's passing in the "Carleton Voice". We sat next to each other in the beginning biology class at Carleton in the fall of 1964 and had fun distracting each other. Although I didn't know her well I have this magical memory of a beautiful young woman running up to me on the "Bald Spot" saying "Hi Peter, tell me something exciting!" I've always wished I had had a better response.
Peter Schwei
MARCH 18, 2015
— Peter Schwei
March 18, 2015

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